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Door factory "New Style"™ was founded in 2002. During its 16-years history, our Company had a long and difficult way of formation and development. Starting with the production of one door type the company increased its range of products to 100 models of door leaves combined in 12 collections. The lineup of the company will have the further development, as there is nothing more deceptive than the world of fashion and design. The trademark "New Style" aspires to conform the latest trends in the world of design and is always attentive to the wishes of our Clients. At the same time, our company always controls the quality of our products.

Hundreds of people are working here. They grew up professionally together with the company and achieved the result that recently seemed unattainable - company "New Style" became the market leader in Ukraine and one of the European leaders. The production capacity of the factory that is more than 6,000 door leaves per day can easily provide the growing demand on the market. Dealers of "New Style" are presented in every city of Ukraine and can cover 55% of the domestic market of interior doors.

Using creative design solutions and advanced engineering technology, we create the product that satisfies the tastes of both “classics” connoisseurs and those who prefer trendy design styles. At the same time, operational and aesthetic qualities of door leaves can be adapted to the needs and preferences of a particular region.

Today with full confidence, we can say that the doors of trademark «New Style» are synonymous with leadership, reliability, progress and innovation.