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The chapiter is a decorative element that was originally used for decorating the top of antique columns. Gradually the capitals began to be used for interior doors. As a decorative element, kapitel door received the most widespread in the nineteenth century. The Palace architects actively used it in the construction of palaces and houses of rich customers. 50-ies of the last century, if we consider the history of the world of design, ousted the capitals from the decor, the subsequent minimalist style and do not expect the use of such elements. In our country, capitals is back in fashion in the early 90-ies, when the need arose in the "Royal" decoration of homes "new Russian". The fashion for tacky and tasteless interiors gradually disappeared, but small caps for doors left. Modern designers have brought a new sound this is a decorative item and can say, gave him a new life. You can buy Capitel complete with doors in any style, suitable for your interior.

Chapiter - an additional decorative element in classic interior.Name of it is derived from the traditional Greek and Roman tradition to decorate the top of the columns of the stucco decoration on various subjects. Modern Chapiter refer to the neoclassic, it give an elegant and solemn appearance of the interior door. We bring to your attention video.how to install a chapiter