Новий Стиль


New Style




The hardware is intended for opening and closing of the door leaf. At the same time it serves as a décor.

“New Style Door Factory” offers a wide range of the door hardware that will perfectly complete the door leaf of any style and color.

The installation of the locks is available.

The hardware assortment:

  • Handle. It serves for opening and closing of the door. Handles are made of high-quality alloy of zinc and aluminum by a method of 7-layer coating.

  • Latch-handle. A great alternative for those who want to acquire the handle along with the lock at affordable price. Both latch-handles and knobs are available.

  • Lock. Blocks free access to the premises. Magnetic and metal locks with PVC/metal tongues are available.
  • Latch. Prevents arbitrary opening of the door. Latches with metal/plastic tongues are available.

  • Hinges provide a flexible point allowing the door to swing in one or two directions and also to support the weight of the door. Different types of hinges are available.

  • Cover plate is intended to decorate effects after the lock installation.

Available colors:

  • -Gold
  • -Chrome
  • -Antique bronze
  • -Coffee

Well chosen hardware will perfectly complete the door set appearance.

To read advices about how to choose the hardware set click the link

Why “New Style” hardware?

The most important thing to remember about “New Style” hardware is time and money saving.


  • Profitable collaboration
  • Affordable prices
  • Verified supplier (more than 15 years of experience)
  • Availability of promotional material
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Free samples