Новий Стиль


New Style


Door leaf Diana with Black Glass

Color: Smoky Oak

Cover : PVC Ultra

PVC Ultra Coating: a fresh look at the eternal

PVC Ultra is a new palette of polymer coating TM "New Style". The decor is resistant to temperature extremes, exposure to sunlight, to damage from impacts and scratches. An updated range of colors accurately conveys the texture of wood on vision and to the touch. Colors of PVC Ultra look natural and as close as possible to natural wood. Doors in PVC Ultra coating are difficult to distinguish from solid wood or veneer doors. The coating has the following advantages:

  • olong life time;
  • oresistance to external factors;
  • oeasy to clean. You can wipe with a damp sponge with a soap or alcohol;
  • ofresh natural colors;
  • oall doors in the same color do not differ in shades (there is no diversity in one decor).

PVC Ultra is a profitable alternative to expensive natural covers, equivalent in terms of ergonomics, safety and aesthetics.